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Relocation Of Children

Complex Cases That Consider the Best Interests of the Child

In relocation cases, there is no middle ground. The relocating parent is either granted permission to relocate or they are not. Because of this, relocation by agreement can be difficult to obtain and these cases often go to trial. These are extremely complex cases where the court considers the best interests of the child by looking at the facts involved, including:

What is the motivation of the relocating parent?
What is the bond between the non-relocating parent and the child?
Will the relocation enhance the quality of life for the child?
What are the current employment and economic circumstances of the parent seeking to relocate?

The courts demand strict compliance with the requirement that notice be given to the non-relocating parent. We can help you draft a petition and develop a plan that is most likely to achieve your goals.

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Interstate and Intrastate Relocation of Children

When a parent must relocate, either within Florida, outside of the state or internationally, relocation of the children can become a highly-disputed matter. At Dennis & Dennis, P.A., we represent parents facing relocation issues in Florida courts. We take a pragmatic approach that uses in-depth knowledge of the latest legal trends to achieve your goals.

As experienced attorneys, we are well prepared to handle difficult relocation cases involving complex analysis. We begin with in-depth discussions about the move away with our clients.

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If you are considering relocation, or if your child's other parent is suggesting relocation, talking with an attorney is the best way to protect your interests. To schedule an initial consultation with us, contact our Miami law office by calling 305-888-7102 or by e-mail to DennisFamilyLaw@gmail.com.