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Changing Economy — Changing Needs

In this changing economy, more and more people find their financial and living situations significantly changed. They may lose jobs or find their rate of pay significantly reduced. For these people, seeking a modification of an existing court order is often a good solution. However, under Florida law, modification does require a substantial and material change — not just something incidental, like minor financial difficulties.

We help clients modify different types of existing court orders:

Child support: If you or the other parent has a change in income, you may have an argument that child support be modified to better suit the needs of your child.

Alimony: Modifying alimony can be complex. Among other things, you and your lawyer may need to show evidence of an ex-spouse's attempt to find another job (or lack of any meaningful attempt), living expenses and the ability of the payor to continue payments.

Child custody: As children grow, their needs change. Court orders that once fit a child's needs may not accomplish their objectives any longer. Modification can help make needed changes to parental responsibility and time-sharing plans.

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Modification of Child Custody, Child Support and Alimony 

Circumstances change. Sometimes a significant change renders an existing court order — like an order for child custody, child support or alimony — unreasonable. In these cases, seeking modification of the existing order is a smart way to protect your interests.

At Dennis & Dennis, P.A., we can help. We represent people throughout the South Florida area in matters of family law modification. We use our years of experience to help clients achieve their objectives.