High-Net-Worth Divorce & Property Division

Dividing Property When the Stakes Are High

Divorces are more complex than ever before. They involve more and more difficult legal issues and complex assets. As the stakes increase, the need for an experienced attorney increases as well.

The experienced professionals at Dennis & Dennis, P.A. truly understand that 
family legal matters present an array of challenges that can 
persist outside of the courtroom

Your needs can be best met by working with a lawyer who knows how the legal system affects high net worth divorces, from the most recent changes in the law to the most effective ways to help clients create favorable solutions.

At Dennis & Dennis, P.A., we use our years of accumulated knowledge to help clients achieve their objectives in high net worth divorces. Serving clients throughout the South Florida area, we are dedicated to pursuing smart solutions that preserve wealth.

Divorce litigation involving complex assets requires the work of an experienced lawyer. Choose an attorney recognized for competency, honesty and overall professional character. Choose Dennis & Dennis, P.A., by calling 305-888-7102.

We handle division of property in divorces involving a wide range of complex assets:

  1. Closely held businesses

  2. Shared businesses/partnerships

  3. Investments

  4. 401(k) plans

  5. Pensions


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High Net Worth Divorces

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