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The cost of supporting children after a divorce is almost always greater than it was during the marriage. The children will have to spend time with both parents, but of course, not at the same time, so all their comforts must be in place at both residences. Transportation costs associated with visitation can also be substantial.

This means that child support payments become a critical issue for many divorcing spouses. Child support is usually determined by a series of child support guidelines. The guidelines calculate child support based on the

incomes of both parents.

Child Support


Interpreting the child support guidelines can be complex. Other considerations must often be taken into account — considerations like tax consequences, how to determine actual income from varied sources and upward or downward departures based on unique family situations.

At Dennis & Dennis, P.A., we care about the overall outcome of family law proceedings, including child support proceedings. We encourage our clients to make smart decisions that save legal fees and work to create effective solutions.

We understand that each case is unique. Sometimes cases are best resolved by smart compromises that keep future parent-child relationships in mind. If a client needs an aggressive lawyer to protect his or her interests, we do not hesitate to use as much force as needed.

We also handle enforcement and modification of existing

child support orders.

The experienced professionals at Dennis & Dennis, P.A. truly understand that 
family legal matters present an array of challenges that can 
persist outside of the courtroom

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