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What Paternity Does and What It Doesn't Do

Paternity is not like a divorce proceeding. While some of the related issues, like child support, parental responsibility and time-sharing are the same, paternity differs for several reasons.

One of the biggest differences is that fathers cannot get custody with regard to the child until paternity has been determined. Unlike a divorce, there is no presumption that the father is the father. This means that many fathers are stuck on the sidelines while the case drags on. This waiting period affects mothers too. Mothers are often concerned with health insurance, medical expenses and child support they need for their children. We work hard to expedite the case as quickly as the courts allow.

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Handling Paternity Matters in South Florida Courts

Children are sometimes born outside of a marital relationship. When this happens, mothers and fathers with no marital bond between them must find a way to deal with the parental bond between themselves and their child.

At Dennis & Dennis, P.A., we help parents define these bonds by handling paternity matters in South Florida courts. Our attorneys are exceptionally thorough and concerned for our clients, working hard to help them achieve their objectives.